Mercedes-Benz AMG G63

AED 1800 per Day

AED 11000 per week

Rent Details Extras Requirements
Minimum 2-days rental Additional Mileage: AED 10/km Minimum Age: 21 years old
Deposit: Aed 4000-5000 Additional Driver Insurance: AED 300 Security Deposit: AED 4000-5000
Insurance Included Salik/Toll Charges: AED 5
Mileage Limit 250km Excess Claim: AED 4000
Car Color: Black
Insurance: Basic Comprehensive

Rent Mercedes Benz AMG G63 in Dubai:

The Mercedes Benz AMG G63 is a remarkable luxury SUV that combines power, style, and advanced features. Rent Mercedes Benz G63 in Dubai now in just AED 1800 per day or AED 11000 per week.  The security deposit for this beast is AED 4000-5000 and it comes with a mileage of 250km and insurance included.

Step into the comfortable oasis:

The G63 is built to impress with its robust and iconic design. Its boxy shape, muscular lines, and distinctive grille make a bold statement on the road. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a luxurious interior crafted with premium materials and attention to detail. The spacious cabin offers ample legroom and comfort for both driver and passengers.

Get your mind blown with the powerful performance:

The G63 boasts a formidable 4.0-liter V8 bourbon engine, delivering an astonishing 577 horsepower. This powerhouse of an engine ensures exhilarating acceleration and a thrilling driving experience. Whether you’re cruising on the highways or tackling off-road terrain, the G63’s performance is second to none.

Equipped with advanced technology:

The G63 is equipped with advanced technology features to enhance your driving experience. The infotainment system includes a large touchscreen display, allowing easy access to navigation, music, and other apps. Safety features such as blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control provide peace of mind on the road.

Why hire the Mercedes Benz AMG G63?

The Mercedes Benz AMG G63 is a luxury SUV that offers a powerful engine, stylish design, advanced technology, and impressive off-road capabilities. It’s the perfect choice for those who seek both performance and luxury in their driving experience. With its advanced four-wheel-drive system, high ground clearance, and robust suspension, this SUV can conquer any terrain with confidence. Whether you’re navigating through rugged landscapes or venturing off the beaten path, the G63 is up for the challenge.

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AED 1800 per Day

AED 11000 per week

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